Unit 42 Breach Readiness Review Benefits

  • Enhance your ability to respond to attacks. Gain practical recommendations and proven tactics to improve your organization’s ability to quickly and effectively minimize the impact of a breach.
  • Review your current readiness status. Highlight gaps and identify areas to improve your readiness and strengthen your overall defense capabilities.
  • Improve your incident response program. Build a practical program that will increase your breach readiness, improve your incident response, and strengthen your overall cyber defense.

Unit 42 Breach Readiness Review Methodology

The Unit 42 Breach Readiness Review will shine a light on your organization's breach response capabilities, with actionable steps to enhance your overall security posture.


Figure 1: Unit 42 Breach Readiness Review Methodology

  • Align on engagement scope. Unit 42 will conduct a scoping call with the right stakeholders to identify goals and objectives.
  • Review security documentation. Our team will examine your existing incident response documentation, including IR plans, playbooks, and governing policies.
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews. Unit 42 will interview key stakeholders to ensure documented procedures are reflected in actual practice.
  • Assess existing incident response capabilities. Our team will evaluate your IR capabilities using best practices from NIST and CISA.
  • Aggregate collected information for reporting. Unit 42 will deliver a Findings and Recommendations Report that will identify specific steps you should take to enhance breach readiness.
  • Implement recommendations. Unit 42 can assist you with implementing our recommendations to reduce your vulnerability window.

About Unit 42

Unit 42® brings together our world-renowned threat researchers and hunters with an elite team of security consultants to create an intelligence-driven, response-ready organization. The Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team provides threat research that enables security teams to understand adversary intent and attribution while enhancing protections offered by our products and services to stop advanced attacks. As threats escalate, Unit 42 is available to advise customers on the latest risks, assess their readiness, and help them recover when the worst occurs. For the latest threat intel and research, please visit https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/.