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Use Case

Securing Virtual Desktop Environments with Cortex XDR

Organizations need a better approach to protecting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from malware and exploits. Traditional antivirus—with its burdensome system scans and time-consuming signature updates—can delay provisioning and setup of virtual desktops, creating operational challenges and frustrating end users. However, VDI environments still face the same security risks as their physical counterparts.

Cortex XDR™ extended detection and response provides organizations the ideal solution for securing VDI environments. With its lightweight, high-performance agent, it can safeguard virtual desktops without slowing down systems or impacting productivity. Its advanced security engines block known and unknown malware, exploits and fileless attacks. It also collects comprehensive data for detection and response, enabling security teams to investigate incidents after a VDI session ends. Read this paper to learn how Cortex XDR safeguards VDI environments.