Reference Architectures

Learn how to leverage Palo Alto Networks® solutions to enable the best security outcomes. Reduce rollout time and avoid common integration efforts with our validated design and deployment guidance. These architectures are designed, tested, and documented to provide faster, predictable deployments.

Public Cloud

Use VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls to bring in-line visibility, control, and protection to applications built in public cloud environments. These guides provide multiple design models that cover simple proofs-of-concept to scalable designs for large enterprises.

Hybrid Cloud

Secure Access Service Edge

Use Prisma™ to bring visibility, control, and protection to users that are mobile and in the branch office. These guides show how Prisma SaaS together with Prisma Access and on-premises PA-Series Next-Generation Firewalls secures access to SaaS applications and the business-critical data they store.

Prisma Access
Prisma SaaS

AI and ML in the SOC

Learn how Palo Alto Networks solutions for the SOC use artificial intelligence and machine learning to find important security events without generating low-value alerts that require analyst time, attention, and manual remediation.

Private Data Center

Learn how to use PA-Series Next-Generation Firewalls and VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls to secure applications and data in data centers.

Zero Trust

Learn how to use Zero Trust designs built on Palo Alto Networks product suites to protect sensitive and critical data, applications, endpoints, and systems.

Zero Trust Overview
Securing Data in the Private Data Center and Public Cloud with Zero Trust


Learn how to use automation with Palo Alto Networks product suites to increase the speed, consistency, quality, and reliability of the tasks they perform. This guide also covers how the product suites natively use automation to keep pace with attackers.