Reference Architectures

Learn how to leverage the Security Operating Platform to enable the best security outcomes. Reduce rollout time and avoid common integration efforts with our validated design and deployment guidance. These cloud and data center solutions are designed, tested, and documented to provide faster, predictable deployments.

Security Platform

Learn how to leverage the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to secure the enterprise, the cloud, and the future. Gain visibility and secure data, users, applications, and workloads no matter where they reside. Overview Executive Summary

Public Cloud

To address the risks of public cloud, you need visibility into every cloud asset, security embedded early in your software development, and continuous validation of governance and compliance. Learn how to reduce the attack surface area, prevent data loss of data, detect threats across the multiple data sources of the full cloud context, and automate preventions to continually improve security outcomes.

AWS Azure GCP Hybrid


Prisma provides complete visibility as well as recommended configurations across their entire cloud environment to ensure a strong security posture from the start and consistently prevent attacks. Organizations can securely connect office branches and mobile users to the cloud, confidently embrace the use of SaaS applications, and rapidly develop and deploy cloud applications. Prisma Access Prisma SaaS

Private Data Center

In today’s data centers, applications and data must be deployed rapidly both on-premises and in the cloud. This new model requires consistent protection, no matter where data and applications reside. Palo Alto Networks security platform secures your data centers, on the premises or in the cloud, with a prevention-focused architecture. ACI NSX


Learn how your organization can use automation along with the elements of the Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform to increase the speed, consistency, quality, and reliability of the tasks they perform. Overview

Zero Trust

Learn how your organization can use the Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform in the design of a Zero Trust security policy in order to protect your sensitive and critical data, applications, endpoints, and systems.

Zero Trust Overview
Securing Data in the Private Data Center and Public Cloud with Zero Trust