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The State of 2020 Security Operations

Based on Forrester’s latest SecOps report, only 46% of enterprises are satisfied with their ability to detect cybersecurity threats. Siloed, complicated security tools and processes have left security operations centers with too many alerts and a lack of insight, leading to subpar security outcomes and fatigued analysts. As the number of cybersecurity breaches continues to rise, it’s critical to rethink the typical approach to security operations to improve and scale incident response capabilities.

This year, Palo Alto Networks commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey on the state of security operations, including:

  • What modern SecOps teams, processes and toolkits look like
  • Key challenges and threats organizations face today
  • How mature SecOps teams use XDR to improve visibility, efficiency and response times

The State of 2020 Security Operations to learn more about today’s security operations trends and how you can leverage XDR to optimize your SOC.