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Research Reports

Why You Need Extended Detection & Response

Today’s risk management and security teams struggle with a slate of disparate security tools that weren’t built with integration or collaboration in mind. This leads to friction, reduced productivity, poor integration and uncoordinated incident response.

Enter a new breed of extended detection and response (XDR) products designed to reduce drag, increase collaboration and productivity, and free up your security staff to focus on the things that actually need human attention. XDR consolidates multiple products into a cohesive security incident detection and response platform for the mainstream market.

While there are obviously many benefits, this Gartner report* discusses both the advantages and the inherent risks of embracing an XDR solution.

Take a look. We’re confident you’ll get a lot of value from their:

  • Deep dive into XDR product capabilities
  • Assessment of XDR benefits, uses and potential risks
  • Examples of use cases where XDR makes sense
  • Criteria for evaluating the different offerings