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In response to the growing security skills gap and attacker trends, extended detection and response (XDR) tools, machine learning (ML), and automation capability are emerging to improve security operations productivity and detection accuracy.” – Gartner

See the security trends Gartner believes are ripe to disrupt the industry, and get their recommendations on how to improve your organization’s resilience and defenses.

Get the new report to learn why Gartner thinks:

  • XDR is one of the top nine cybersecurity trends
  • Security process automation is the key to eliminating repetitive tasks
  • AI will create new security responsibilities for protecting digital business initiatives
  • New approaches are key to protect cloud native applications and business initiatives

Learn more about Gartner’s top security trends and recommendations, and find out how you can add them all to your organization’s security arsenal.


2020 Gartner Top Security and Risk Management Trends, Peter Firstbrook, Neil MacDonald, Lawrence Orans, Mario de Boer, Katell Thielemann, Bart Willemsen, Akif Khan, Michael Kranawetter, 27 February 2020