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Exceed CIPA Compliance with Palo Alto Networks

Across the United States, the E-rate program supports digital learning in schools for more than 50 million students from K-12. Schools must certify they will meet Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance regulations to be eligible for E-rate funding.

K-12 schools often use disparate point products, in the network or in cloud environments, to counter security challenges including web filtering, phishing, ransomware, or internal misuse. This approach makes it difficult to get a comprehensive view of threats or inappropriate actions, putting students and confidential data at risk while making effective security and compliance more difficult and time-consuming.

Palo Alto Networks, the world’s cybersecurity leader, enables K-12 schools to maximize student and data protection with minimal network and security resources. Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls integrate automation and multiple innovations into one platform, eliminating security point products and dramatically simplifying management and compliance for overburdened security teams.

This data sheet details how the many capabilities of Next-Generation Firewalls help schools exceed CIPA compliance requirements.

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