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Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Platform Brief

Forming the largest industry in the world, oil and gas companies are engines of the global economy - and huge targets for cyberattacks. With increasing amounts of data, automation, and internet-connected devices, cybersecurity is a higher priority than ever for upstream, midstream, and downstream companies.

Read this platform brief for a concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps the oil and gas industry prevent successful cyberattacks, safeguard valuable intellectual property, enable appropriate access to corporate and critical systems, and efficiently protect geo-diverse environments.

Oil and gas companies around the world use elements of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to:

  • Automatically prevent new and known threats from affecting operations.
  • Reduce risk with virtual network segmentation and role-based network access.
  • Secure ICS/SCADA networks.
  • Extend operational life by protecting aging or unpatchable servers/workstations.
  • Protect harsh environments.
  • Safely enable BYOD and other mobile use cases.
  • Secure cloud use and SaaS applications.
  • Secure traditional and virtualized data centers.
  • Improve SecOps/SOC effectiveness.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for cybersecurity.

For more information on how Palo Alto Networks serves the oil and gas industry, visit our Cybersecurity for the oil and gas industry page at