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Palo Alto Networks and the E-Rate Program

Read this brochure for an overview of Palo Alto Networks E-rate eligible products and services, and why K-12 schools and districts choose Palo Alto Networks to protect students across all their digital engagements, from endpoints to the network to the cloud.
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HIMSS - Healthcare IT Cybersecurity Study

Email/phishing attacks are a major concern at healthcare organizations with Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States, and Nordic countries all listing it as the greatest area of vulnerability U.S. respondents feel the most prepared to stop cyber-attacks on the network, and least prepared to stop cyber-attacks on unmanaged endpoints Endpoint and medical devices protection are top of mind with 72.1% stating that deploying effective advance endpoint protection to stop malware like ransomware, 38% are looking for effective exploit kit protection for endpoints and 54% are looking for medical devices protection. U.S. hospitals report being attacked by cybercriminals (89.5%) nearly two times more frequently than the next nearest country (Germany – 46.0%) over the last 12 months
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Palo Alto Networks® strives to protect our way of life in the digital age by safely enabling applications and ensuring that customer data is secure, everywhere. As a leading cybersecurity company, we are focused on both the security and privacy of our customers, and we have developed our Next-Generation Security Platform from the ground up to support both. Download this document to learn more on WildFire and Aperture SOC2 certification.
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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

The U.S. Government’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program “support(s) … government-wide and agency-specific efforts to provide adequate, risk-based, and cost-effective cybersecurity.” The CDM program is designed to roll out in three phases. This white paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, in combination with select technology and delivery partners, supports all three CDM phases and enables agencies to achieve the security objectives of the program.
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Next-Generation Security for Automotive Environments

Read this summary of our prevention-based approach to protect the automotive networks from cyberattacks.
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Navigating the Digital Age

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials.
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Navigating the Digital Age (Benelux Edition)

Navigating the Digital Age (Benelux Edition) includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials.
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Three Questions to Ask Your CIO About Public Cloud Security

If your CIO has been planning ahead, you probably have a plan for secure collaboration with public cloud service providers. But if not, ask why not.
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Navigating the Digital Age for France

La nouvelle législation de l'Union Européenne autour de la directive SRI et de la réforme de la protection des données progresse.
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Navigating the Digital Age for Australia

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for Australia.
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Navigating the Digital Age for the United Kingdom

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for the UK.
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Navigating the Digital Age for Singapore

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for Singapore.
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Comparing Palo Alto Networks With Proxy-Based Products

Comparison of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall technology with proxies.
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Next-Generation Security Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry

From pain medication to gene therapy, from clinical trials to regulatory approval, the modern pharmaceutical industry is built on research and information flow. Ensuring both the integrity of data in pharmaceutical operations as well as the protection of the resulting intellectual property are equally important to success. The safety and integrity of plant operations are equally vital to the company’s success. Effectively protecting the IT and OT networks in today’s broad-reaching pharmaceutical networks requires a modernized security approach. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is the solution of choice for many modern pharmaceutical companies.
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Build A Next-Generation SOC

A next-generation SOC is a facility where information systems in the data center, endpoint and cloud are monitored, assessed and defended against cyberattacks...
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Palo Alto Networks & Ecessa

Ecessa and Palo Alto Networks customers can capitalize on unprecedented protection against today’s sophisticated attacks for superior network performance.
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8 Imperatives for Governments to Defeat Advanced Threats

Advanced attacks are organized campaigns that leverage multiple techniques. Don’t be the government organization flying blind to attacks against your organization.
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At a Glance Automated Correlation Engine

Palo Alto Networks Automated Correlation Engine continuously scrutinizes firewall events and correlates indicators of compromise on your network.
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Auto Scaling the VM-Series on AWS Tech Brief

One of the core Amazon® Web Services (AWS®) values is the ability to scale your applications dynamically as traffic demands dictate. AWS Elastic Load Balancing (AWS ELB) and AWS Auto Scaling allow you to add new resources, such as a web server, to your AWS VPC based on observed, increased traffic.
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VMware NSX With Next-Generation Security From Palo Alto Networks

While organizations have gained operational flexibility and lowered data center costs by deploying virtualization solutions, the true promise of a secure, agile, extensible, and flexible private cloud continues to be elusive. One of the key barriers is the ability to deploy security services at the same pace as virtual machine deployments without compromising the level of protection needed. VMware and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to address these challenges.
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Replacing Traditional Remote Access VPN With GlobalProtect

This solution brief provides an overview for using GlobalProtect as remote access VPN.
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Safely Enable Your SaaS Applications

The use of SaaS applications is creating gaps in security visibility and new risks for threat propagation, data leakage and regulatory noncompliance. See how Aperture can help.
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Neutralizing Credential Theft and Abuse

Find out why the best practices for passwords aren’t always effective, and what you can do to protect your data and users from phishing and credentials-based attacks.
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AirWatch Palo Alto Networks Integration Solution Brief

Read how Palo Alto Networks and AirWatch have partnered to provide unique, integrated security for protecting the mobile workforce.
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The Value of the Next-Generation Security Platform

See how the Next-Generation Security Platform has helped customers improve their security posture and reduce their total cost of ownership.
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EU Cybersecurity-Related Legislation:
Why Companies Should Care

How do companies in Europe manage cybersecurity risks? Get the Executive Advisory Report: European Union Cybersecurity-Related Legislation to find out.
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LogicMonitor’s automated SaaS performance monitoring platform provides IT Ops teams with end-to-end visibility and actionable metrics to manage infrastructures.
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The Security Platform for Managed Security Service Providers

The world's leading MSSPs power profitable growth and high customer satisfaction with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform.
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Best Practices in SaaS Security

Learn how Palo Alto Networks can help to secure SaaS applications so they don’t become a breeding ground for data leakage and malware.
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The Advantages of User Awareness in Public-sector Network Security

To serve their citizens, federal/national, state and local governments must gather, create, or process sensitive information. As various high-profile breaches have demonstrated, this data is not sufficiently protected, particularly from the insiders whose actions are responsible for the majority of public sector security incidents. Traditional network security focuses on detecting outsiders attempting to steal data or disrupt network operations, but does little to monitor or limit the actions of legitimate users that make mistakes or deliberately misuse data. User and directory controls verify legitimate users, but they won't prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive data, exfiltration of sensitive data by legitimate users, or insiders with stolen credentials from accessing data. Preventing security incidents and protecting government information requires a comprehensive, organization-wide access approach that can accommodate the context of individual users, the data they need access to, and the limits on what they can do with that data. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform prevents security incidents while fully enabling user productivity by granting access contextually to those who need it, and denying it to all others. This, coupled with denying all applications that are not needed by the organization, immediately reduces a government organization’s threat posture.
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