• Western & Southern Financial Group


    "At Western & Southern, we are extremely interested in anything that can help us to manage risk.  The previous generation of security infrastructure did not provide complete visibility into the latest evasive applications and the threats they can carry. Palo Alto Networks has given us the ability to identify what’s really going on with our network at a much more granular level. We’ve been able to use that information to identify malicious software on desktops, shut down evasive applications and threats, as well as geographically pinpoint application sources and destinations."

    Doug Ross, Chief Technology Officer
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  • Sonic


    "Our existing security infrastructure was completely blind to what was tunneling over port 80. With the PA-4000 Series, we have visibility and control over all Web traffic, enabling our employees the access they need to work effectively, without compromising network bandwidth or security. And the integration with Active Directory enables us to monitor and control applications on a per-user basis, resulting in more effective application usage and security policies. This has enabled us to improve our intellectual property protection dramatically. We can consolidate our firewall infrastructure and provide better protection in doing so."

    Roger Blakely, VP Information Security
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  • Sinclair Community College


    "Our existing infrastructure couldn’t tell us which applications were running on our network. After deploying Palo Alto Networks’ PA-4000 Series, we were able to not only see which applications were on our network, but we were also able to understand the benefits and risks associated with them, allowing the enforcement of specific policies appropriate to our needs. The result is a more secure network, focused on our mission to provide the highest quality in learning for our students."

    Scott McCollum, IT Services Director
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  • San Jose State


    "Like many large schools, we have significant IT resources to serve our faculty, staff, and students. Ensuring those resources are not overwhelmed by threats and risky applications is challenging, given the nature of university environments.  The PA-4000 Series enables us to understand and control applications on our networks to achieve that goal."

    Bob Neal, Sr. Director, Network Services
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  • Nordson


    "Like many successful organizations, we needed to ensure that our infrastructure addressed our current security and compliance needs, but also protected us against emerging threats. Not knowing what was flowing in and out of our network was a huge vulnerability. The PA-4000 Series gives us a comprehensive view of our application and Internet traffic, and as a result we’re able to set smarter, more effective policies to allow what we want and restrict what we don’t."

    George Morse, Senior Network Analyst
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  • Mercy Medical


    "With Palo Alto Networks, we now know what we didn’t know. And it’s scary what some of our users and contractors were doing."

    Mark Rein, Senior Director, IT
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  • Koch Logistics


    "Our IT group is responsible for fending off spyware and other web-based threats that can infect our network users. URL filtering alone was not solving this problem – we needed a firewall that enabled us to set policy and scan for threats all the way down to the application level. With Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, now we can not only see what’s on our network, we can control it."

    Bruce Waslie, Senior Systems Engineer
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  • JOA


    "Our existing firewalls and proxies weren’t giving us the level of control we needed. The PA-4000 Series enables us to distinguish between business and non-business applications, decide which applications will run on our network and offers the added benefit of making our IT infrastructure simpler and easier to use."

    Pat Wagner, IT Director

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  • Greenhill


    "Instead of using a lot of different solutions, Palo Alto Networks gives us everything we need all in one box. By consolidating devices we've reduced our operational complexity and capital costs."

    John Shaffer, Director Global Systems and Technology
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  • Garland Independent School District


    "Using the PA-4000 Series' reporting tools I can solve a problem now in ten minutes that used to take me three hours to fix. Everyone is amazed by what we can do with the Palo Alto Networks firewall. It certainly gives us the tools and network granularity we need to do our jobs."

    Neal Moss, Network Engineer
    Garland Independent School District
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  • Catholic Charities


    "We had major plans to upgrade our network infrastructure in conjunction with implementing an MPLS data network. With a single Internet connection for the MPLS network at a co-location site, we needed to put in a good, high-performance firewall to protect the agency. The first day of deploying the PA-4000 Series I was able to see and fix bad things on my network that I did not previously know was happening."

    Will Bailey, IT Manager
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  • City of Seattle


    "Palo Alto Networks has created a new generation of security device that identifies applications – not just ports, protocols and source/destination IP addresses – and enforces policies concerning its use. The granular visibility and control that Palo Alto Networks gives us has allowed us to re-write and enforce our acceptable application usage policies and protect the city."

    Michael Hamilton, CISO, City of Seattle
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  • Cricket


    "Our network carries one of the highest traffic volumes in the nation and the Palo Alto Networks firewall is the only platform that is capable of protecting our data center without falling over."

    Doug Bird
    Vice President of IT Operations
    Cricket Communications
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  • State of Pennsylvania


    "I never had any idea what my users were doing on the Internet, and the pipe was getting saturated with traffic and made the Internet almost unusable for a lot of users. I just wanted to be able to see what was happening on my network and be able set policies based on users to more tightly control the traffic traversing our network. With Palo Alto Networks, I have eliminated the non-business activities and have reclaimed the Internet as a productive business tool for my users."

    Chuyen Nguyen, IS Manager

    State of Pennsylvania

  • Dark Reading 2


    "First it was ports, then protocols, and now, applications: A new generation of firewalls is slowly emerging with more sophisticated inspection and blocking features at higher speeds. These new devices will not only do intrusion prevention, but also filter by application type. The protocol inspection method used by traditional firewalls is no longer enough, as more and more applications use Port 80, or HTTP."