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CAME deployed the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform and successfully prevents cyberthreats from infiltrating endpoint devices and its network.

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Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Dylan Border from Fisher-Titus Medical Center, a nonprofit community hospital located in North Central Ohio, discusses how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform helps detect and prevent unknown cyberthreats. WildFire's proactive and automatic prevention of advanced and targeted attacks, helps give Fisher-Titus the insight and analytics to prevent future attacks.

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Burwood Group

Justin Flynn, Sales Engineering Manager at Burwood Group, a Palo Alto Networks partner and customer talks about consolidating on one platform, leveraging that platform for visibility and ease of management and doing everything possible to achieve prevention.

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Warren Rogers Associates

Hear Matthew McLimans, Sr. Network Security Engineer at Warren Rogers Associates discuss how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) segments network traffic coming from thousands of remote data collection devices, prevents malicious traffic from infiltrating fuel system diagnostics and reporting systems, white-lists applications and services, and segments cardholder data to ensure PCI compliance in the company’s cloud-based data center.

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The University of Portsmouth

In this video Robbie Walker and James Holland talk about how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform helps them educate the university population about making good decisions about risk, understand the nature of attacks, and meet the security challenges with a degree of agility and respond to issues as they occur in real time.

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Customer Spotlight: Hartmann

Brødrene Hartmann is a Danish corporation which produces moulded-fibre egg packaging. Hartmann is headquartered in Copenhagen, and has six factories, four in Europe, one in Israel and one in North America. Hartmann also develops and sells equipment and parts for the manufacturing of moulded-fibre packaging. In this video, Mogens Ole Jakobsen talks about the challenges a global company faces, the vendors Hartmann evaluated and how the decision to go with Palo Alto Networks was the best infrastructure decision he’s made in the last 8 years. Mogens also talks about how you will always be behind if you go for protection rather than prevention.

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Lenovo Group

In this video, Tony Li, IT Security Director at Lenovo talks about the biggest security challenges the company faces, what types of threats come into their network and why they chose Palo Alto Networks.

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In this video Raphael Bytebier, Network Architect at Samsonite talks about how the company turned to Palo Alto Networks to meet the internal challenges of BYOD with the revolutionary Palo Alto Networks App-ID, Content-ID, and User-ID.

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Ashutosh Kapse, IOOF Holdings talks about why IOOF chose the Palo Alto Networks platform to meet its cybersecurity challenges.

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In this video, Russell Wu, CEO of Sinogrid Information Technology talk about the challenges Chinese businesses face in today's technology environment and how Palo Alto Networks helps them meet those challenges.

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Bugaboo International

Bugaboo International is a Dutch mobility company founded in 1999. The company’s headquarters is in Amsterdam with offices around the globe. Bugaboo manufactures baby strollers and accessories. In this video Bert Groot-Hulze talks about how Palo Alto Networks helps the company protect its intellectual property and secure mobile employees.

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SanDisk Corporation designs, develops and manufactures flash memory storage devices and software and is the third-largest manufacturer of flash memory in the world. In this video Scott Johanson discusses techniques that hackers use today and the benefit of using Palo Alto Networks.

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Annie Wright Schools

Founded in 1884, the Annie Wright Schools are two private schools located in Tacoma, Washington with an enrollment of approximately 500 students. Annie Wright Day School serves boys and girls in preschool through grade 8, while Annie Wright Upper School offers all-girls day and boarding programs for grades 9 through 12. Annie Wright is an International Baccalaureate World School and educates numerous students from foreign countries. In this video, Bob Williamson, Network Administrators talks about the challenge the school faces with international students and BYOD.

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Animal Logic

Animal Logic is one of the world’s most accomplished digital studios producing and developing ground breaking animation, visual effects and design. The studios are based in Sydney with its film development arm onsite at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. Established in 1991, the company has worked on some of the most recognisable films of the past quarter-century. In this video, Eugene Purugganan talks about a few of the challenges the company faced due to the nature of its business and how Palo Alto Networks is helping it address these challenges.

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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is a global company that designs and delivers high-value outdoor products for active consumers of all ages. In this video, Columbia Sportswear's John Spiegel, Global IT Communications Manager, and Tim Melvin, Global IT Director, talk about embracing the Palo Alto Networks/VMware NSX virtualized data center platform, and how the platform helps Columbia Sportswear achieve top-notch data center security without slowing business productivity.

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California Department of Water Resources

In this video, you’ll hear Tony Morshed, Chief Technology Officer at California Department of Water Resources (DWR) discuss the state’s Software-Defined Data Center strategy. DWR leverages the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, including WildFire and Panorama subscriptions. In addition, DWR takes advantage of the microsegmentation capability that VMware’s NSX solution provides.

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Golan Ben-Oni, IDT CSO on Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection

Organizations around the globe continue to struggle with targeted attacks on the endpoint that bypass multiple layers of traditional controls. Golan Ben-Oni, IDT CSO talks about how the innovative approach and technology of Traps is a paradigm shift in endpoint security, and what that really means for his organization.

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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection - From The Perspective Of A Former CISO

Organizations around the globe continue to struggle with targeted attacks on the endpoint that bypass multiple layers of traditional controls. Sebastian Goodwin, former CISO talks about how the innovative approach and technology of Traps is a paradigm shift in endpoint security, and what that really means for an organization.

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McLean County Unit School District No. 5

McLean County Unit School District No. 5 employs approximately 1,650 full and part time staff members to educate more than 13,600 students. The district consists of more than 214 square miles, with 16 elementary, 4 junior high and 2 high school buildings, 1 early learning center, and 1 vocational training site.

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Justin Flynn - Burwood Group

Burwood Group is a consulting firm that bridges business strategy and technology solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois Burwood Group serves local, national, and international clients.

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Revera Inc.

Revera helps more than 30,000 seniors and other clients to live their lives to the fullest. With 50 years of experience, Revera has a deep understanding of the seniors they serve. Through its vibrant retirement communities, long term care homes, U.S. nursing and rehab centres, and dedicated home health team, Revera offers choices that enable its residents and clients to continue to be their best.

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Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Businesses and government agencies around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.

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Spyders Inc.

Spyders Inc. delivers business relevant IT security and networking expertise and solutions to over 500 mid and large size organizations across North America. Spyders delivers value to clients by supplying, designing, integrating and managing a portfolio of best-in-class solutions and services our clients want and need.

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Blake Wofford - Exeter Finance

Exeter Finance works with thousands of franchised dealers nationwide to make car ownership possible for more people. The company works with its customers to become a trusted partner in car ownership – a partner who guides them along the way, provides tools to keep them informed, and helps them establish a payment history that can impact their credit score.

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Brigham-Young University - Hawaii

Brigham-Young University – Hawaii (BYU–Hawaii) is a small campus of intercultural leadership development, where a diverse population of over 2,500 students representing over 70 countries live, study and work together.

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Food Retail Company SPAR Austria Enhances Security Posture with Palo Alto Networks Security Platform

SPAR Austria Group, one of the most renowned grocery store chains in Austria, has selected and deployed Palo Alto Networks security platforms to identify, control, and safely enable applications on their network.

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What Customer are Saying about WildFire

Palo Alto Networks customers talk about WildFire, automated threat protection and the platform advantage.

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WildFire Spotlight - Health Information Technology Services

Health Information Technology Services Nova Scotia (HITS-NS) provides IT services to district health authorities, and hosting services, internet access and remote connectivity to a network that includes 20,000 users in over 150 locations, interconnecting all the hospitals in Nova Scotia. Hear how HITS-NS is empowered as a result of having Palo Alto Networks WildFire technology in place.

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STW Group - Customer Video

Palo Alto Networks helps STW Group – Australasia's leading marketing content and communications services group - securely manage the explosive growth of video and applications across its national network.

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Aardman - Customer Video

Aardman Animations from Bristol/UK has a deserved reputation as a world leader in model animation. Their award-winning work leads the field producing a unique brand of independent film alongside work for broadcast and advertising spots. To date the studio proudly boasts four Oscars and ten Oscar nominations.

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