Customer Story: Experian Video

Customer Story: Experian Video in Financial Services

Experian operates as a technology company, helping its clients manage and analyze massive amounts of data. Looking to consolidate disparate security tools across CSPs and manage risk at-speed to support a global DevSecOps pipeline, Prisma Cloud provides Experian with a unified view of security and compliance posture across their cloud environments and full cloud native stack, making life a lot easier for everyone involved.


As the largest global credit reporting company, Experian is the trusted caretaker of the world’s most critical financial information. From young families dreaming of building credit to enterprises securing crucial loans, every day Experian unlocks the power of data to help all of us achieve our financial goals.


“It's totally a technology company. We got data, our customers need our data to make decisions…”


But with their developers moving so rapidly in multiple clouds, Experian needed cloud-native security and visibility so they could scale even faster while closing their security gaps.


“Security is central in Experian. We take security very seriously. // Before we started using Prisma Cloud, we actually had difficulty figuring out how many accounts we have out there and what the risk was in those accounts.”


Adopting Prisma Cloud allowed Experian to reduce risk and increase visibility from the start.


“We had around 800 or more accounts that people had opened, a lot of which we were able to close down - around 50% of those accounts - because they were not required.”


As the world’s security leader, Palo Alto Networks next generation cybersecurity is enabling Experian to innovate and scale – and keep the world’s crucial financial data secure – from wherever it’s being accessed.


“We have been able to reduce the number of configuration errors by more than 75% at this time. And if someone does make a mistake tomorrow on a configuration error, I'm confident I will know about it.”