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Prisma Cloud Security Suite Expands with Twistlock and PureSec Acquisitions

The acquisitions of Twistlock and PureSec further advance Prisma leadership in public cloud security by providing customers with a comprehensive set of capabilities to secure all cloud workloads.
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Veterans Overview

In this video, military veterans turned Palo Alto Networks employees share why Palo Alto Networks is a great place for them and their fellow vets to work.
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Policy Optimizer

Policy Optimizer strengthens security by closing dangerous policy gaps left by legacy firewall policies. Policy Optimizer makes migration from port-based rules to App-ID based rules easy, fast, and accurate. Taking complexity out by removing scores of legacy rules reduces human error, which is a leading cause of data breaches.
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SSL Decryption

With Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls, security teams can decrypt malicious traffic and preserve the privacy of sensitive traffic at the same time.
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Spotlight: Cherwell Software

Learn why Cherwell Software selected Cortex XDR and Traps to secure their enterprise.
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The Big Cloud 5: Fundamentals for Enabling Holistic Cloud Security

In this 2 minute video, Matt Chiodi, Chief Security Officer of Public Cloud, discusses The Big Cloud 5: key fundamentals for building a holistic cloud security strategy.
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Zero Trust Cloud Security

The principles of zero trust play an important role in the protection of data in the cloud. Use Prisma to implement zero trust across your cloud environments and stay on top of who has access to your applications and data.
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Secure Devops

Prisma helps you mitigate known security issues early in the software development cycle with open security APIs and automated security controls that integrate into your CI/CD pipelines.
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Cloud-Enabled Mobile Workforce

Prisma helps your organization deploy consistent protection for your mobile workforce, no matter where they are in the world. It replaces the traditional remote access VPN with an architecture designed for access to internet, public cloud, private cloud and SaaS applications.
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Cloud Threat Protection

Prisma helps you with simplified security operations through effective cloud threat protections enhanced with comprehensive cloud context.
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Cloud Data Protection

Prisma enables automated discovery, classification, monitoring, and protection of data across cloud storage and SaaS applications, with automated remediations before leaks can occur.
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Cloud Governance and Compliance

Prisma continuously monitors your distributed multi-cloud environments and SaaS applications, proactively alerting you of any misconfigurations or compliance violations and even automates remediation so you can embrace the cloud with confidence.
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Cloud Connected Branch

With the adoption of cloud-based applications, organizations are reevaluating their traditional wide area networking. Using Prisma to protect your branch offices and mobile users with consistent security delivered from the cloud.
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Advanced Threat Prevention

Our WildFire™ threat analysis service integrates with Prisma SaaS to provide advanced threat prevention to block known malware, and we are the only CASB to identify and block unknown malware.
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How adversaries abuse DNS traffic

Bryan Lee, principal researcher for Unit 42, discusses how attackers are using DNS in malware attacks as a way to cause harm to organizations.
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Top of Mind for a CISO

Hear what’s top of mind for Scott Howitt, CISO of MGM Resorts International. Scott discusses his top business concerns, aligning security to the business, what he looks for when evaluating security tools and technologies and much more.
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Securing a 5G-Enabled World

Watch this video to learn more about why you need a 5G-ready next generation firewall to secure your mobile network.
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Lightboard Series: DNS Security Service - Protecting against malware using DNS

Protecting against malware using DNS
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The Goal of Zero Trust

John Kindervag, founder of Zero Trust, explains the ultimate goal of Zero Trust.
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What is Zero Trust

John Kindervag, founder of Zero Trust, defines what Zero Trust is and explains why trust must be eliminated from networks.
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Requirements for Keeping Pace with Attackers

Zero Trust can provide the context necessary to secure what’s important and, with the right vendors in place, keep up with today’s changing landscape.
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MWC19 POV: APAC Service Provider 5G security challenges

In the APAC Service Provider markets, visibility becomes one of the higher value capabilities for 5G network deployments. As government and regulatory bodies enforce security requirements, 5G Security has become one of the most important conversations for new service developments. Learn more about this with Peter Molloy, Head of SP sales at Palo Alto Networks.
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MWC19 POV: K2-Series 5G-Ready Next Generation Firewalls

With different scaling and use cases requirements, security products need additional functionalities and visibility requirements for application and traffic inspection that can monitor and manage vulnerabilities. Learn more about the recently K2 series Next Generation 5G Ready Firewall with Peter Margaris, Head of SP Marketing at Palo Alto Networks
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MWC19 POV : Evolution of 5G security

With changing security landscape and increasing compute power and threat vectors, 5G security needs to embrace a holistic protection approach, that includes not just the networks, but the end user and IoT devices. Learn about Palo Alto Networks approach to 5G security with Scott Stevens, CTO for Service Providers at Palo Alto Networks
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EDU-330 Firewall: Troubleshooting

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Introduction to Heatmaps and BPA

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