AIOps for NGFW by Palo Alto Networks

Many businesses are unaware of their network security posture or have limited insight into misconfigurations, leading to gaps in their security posture and putting them at a greater risk of a breach. Organizations may not have the product expertise to fully maximize firewall functionality, resulting in security investments that don’t yield proportional returns. Finally, organizations lack the visibility and product knowledge to prevent business-disrupting incidents from firewall-related errors. Once impacted, they spend immense time and resources reacting to the situation, determining the root cause while under tremendous pressure to bring the business back online.

AIOps for NGFW by Palo Alto Networks revolutionizes firewall operations with ML-powered insights for the best security posture and optimal health. Proactively address the top operational challenges of today like misconfigurations, human errors, compliance with best practices, resource usage, hardware and software failures.

Visit AIOps for NGFW Webpage and download the Solution Brief to learn how AIOps for NGFW redefines the firewall operational experience by predicting, interpreting, and resolving problems before they become business-impacting.