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DNS is the Yellow Pages of the Internet. It’s a huge convenience, but also the main channel for malware delivery—80% of malware uses DNS to initiate command-and-control procedures. Our DNS Security service predicts and prevents attacks with machine learning and automation. Take advantage of the integration of DNS security with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls, all delivered through a scalable cloud architecture.

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Speaker 1:

DNS is the yellow pages of the internet. It's a huge convenience, but it's also a huge channel for malware delivery. 80% of malware uses DNS to initiate command and control procedures, and traditional approaches are just not effective at protecting against DNS attacks. They're typically standalone solutions. They use a static database of malicious domain names that aren't always up to date. They don't automate detection and response. They make it difficult to apply analytics and machine learning, and they're a time drain. Security analysts have to manually prioritize alerts and figure out how to remediate threats.


Speaker 1:

Palo Alto Networks has a simpler, better way to handle DNS security, a way to predict attacks with machine learning and prevent attacks with automation. The key is integration of DNS security with our next generation firewalls. It's not a bolt-on product. It's a built in capability delivered through a scalable cloud architecture. Now your firewall can run analytics on huge quantities of really good security data. You can use machine learning driven by incredible amounts of security data to predict malicious domains and understand which alerts need immediate response. Now you can thwart DNS attacks with minimal effort, apply intelligence, scale up, and take advantage of new security innovations instantly. When you look back at old approaches to DNS security, all you can say is there is no defense.

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