Enterprise Public Cloud: Design and Deploy Zero Trust

Webinar Replay: Design and Deploy Zero Trust for Enterprise Public Cloud

In a world of economic uncertainty and sophisticated threats, businesses need to securely develop cloud applications to safeguard against exploits, malware and ransomware – while delivering a positive economic impact.

Protecting your core business and cloud-native applications requires security that is simple and comprehensive. This is where a strategic Zero Trust architecture helps!

Watch this video where you’ll:

  • Understand why businesses are adopting a Zero Trust architecture for the cloud.
  • Learn how Zero Trust enterprise architecture can protect your cloud applications.
  • Find out how easily you can use NGFW and Prisma® Cloud platforms to extend best-in-class security to your core and cloud-native applications.
  • Hear how Jefferies Group LLC delivers consistent cloud security and drives business value.
  • Watch demos of cloud security for virtual machines, container application deployments and cloud-native applications.