Flexible Security Consumption

Watch this video and discover how to jettison restrictive licensing agreements so you can meet virtual and cloud security needs in minutes. See how your organization can leverage the industry’s most flexible virtual firewalls (VM-Series) and container firewalls (CN-Series). Credit-based licensing lets you rapidly size and scale security to meet immediate needs – and get the most out of your security budget.

  • Quickly acquire the precise mix of security controls you need
  • Easily manage credit allocations for on-prem and cloud environments
  • Pick and pay for just the services you need
  • Avoid difficult inaccurate security forecasting exercises
  • Understand and see security deployments immediately
  • Bypass long procurement cycles

See more about flexible security consumption. You’ll learn how to get more scalability, visibility, and investment protection. Watch this video – and then contact us to tailor security to your unique needs.