How Most Advanced Enterprises Secure Their Private 5G Network

Video: 5G-Native Security

Learn how the most advanced enterprises secure their private 5G networks. Watch Liia Sarjakoski, Principal Product Marketing Manager for 5G Security, walk through what built-in security features 5G networks provide and what organizations still need to secure separately.

5G and LTE networks have many built-in security features, including strong SIM card assisted authentication of users and strong over-the-air encryption. 5G and LTE wireless technologies are also reliable, promoting high availability of the wireless service. But, the built-in security features do not address data security, application security, network traffic security or endpoint security, which the enterprise needs to protect separately. Most often, the enterprise — not a service provider — is responsible for its data security, compliance and security policy.

Watch this video and learn actionable insights on how you can start securing your private 5G networks.