Level Up: Partner Enablement on Critical Infrastructure & IRAP

Join us at the next Level Up: Partner Enablement on Critical Infrastructure - Cyber Security Risks, Regulations and Opportunities. You will learn about the latest cyber security threats levelled against our critical infrastructure sectors, as well as key Government policies and regulations aimed at uplifting our national resilience - including the Government’s Critical Infrastructure Reforms.

We will discuss how you and your customers can support the Government in its efforts to achieve cyber security uplift across the economy and improve our shared cyber posture.

Partnering with Palo Alto Networks to Public Sector and Critical Infrastructure just got easier!

We are excited to announce that Palo Alto Networks has received an Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment for five of its cyber security solutions in Australia. In this session we'll discuss how the IRAP assessment gives decision-makers the certainty that solutions have been transparently and professionally checked for security by an independent third party.

Cyber security represents a collective opportunity and a shared risk – we all have a role to play in protecting Australia’s social and economic prosperity.