Palo Alto Networks Advanced Threat Prevention

One of the leading problems for network defenders today involves the rise of highly evasive and automated attacks. These attacks are conducted by adversaries of all skill levels with access to sophisticated tools. Using these tools and approaches, often offshoots of popular red team tools, adversaries have improved the speed and success rate of covert and long-term attacks. These tools also make it easier than ever for attackers to create completely customizable command-and-control (C2) channels that cannot be stopped with traditional approaches. And with command and control being late in the attack lifecycle, it is the last opportunity for a network defender to stop a malicious actor before they pivot to delivering ransomware, moving around the network, stealing data or other nefarious objectives.

Palo Alto Networks Advanced Threat Prevention is the Industry’s only IPS to stop unknown C2 attacks in real-time, with 96% prevention of web-based Cobalt Strike C2 and 48% more unknown C2 detected than the industry’s leading intrusion prevention (IPS) solution. Powered by inline deep learning, Advanced Threat Prevention protects your network against new and existing threats without impacting performance.