See Workload Protection, WAF and API Security in Action

Join us for a 30-minute demo session to see how to get complete security across your application lifecycle with Cloud Workload Protection by Prisma Cloud.

In this demo, our workload protection expert covers:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities using both agent and agentless architectures
  • Integrating security across your full application lifecycle to prevent the exploit of CVEs and web based attacks
  • Prioritizing the highest-severity vulnerabilities in container registry images
  • Enabling predictive and threat-based active protection for containers with ML runtime defense 
  • Customizing protections for web apps, such as protection against the OWASP Top 10, DoS attacks, access control, bot protection and custom rules
  • And more

Register now to learn how cloud workload protection, WAF and API security can give you visibility into your hosts, containers, microservices-based applications and other heterogeneous cloud environments.