What Are Cryptomining Attacks?

What are cryptomining attacks? There’s really two types. First, we see browser-based cryptomining attacks, where an attacker has found a way to inject some JavaScript into a website. This might be a legitimate way or might be through a malicious action of some kind. And what that allows them to do is, while you're viewing a particular page, run JavaScript in your browser, which actually mines some sort of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Monero or another kind of coin. And while they're using your CPU time, they're making small amounts of money by solving these little cryptographic puzzles one after another.

The other type of cryptomining attacks that we see are malware-based cryptomining, where instead of just taking over your browser, they actually take over your entire computer and use the computer CPU at a much higher level to actually mine coins on your system. And they can do this in a much more persistent way because they don't have to just keep you on a page for a little while, but they can mine day and night, week after week, and actually make a significant amount of money.