Video: End Data Breaches with Zero Trust

Speaker: John Kindervag, Palo Alto Networks

Today’s digital climate has led enterprises to be more connected than ever. With remote workers, contractors, and partners accessing digital assets from various locations all around the world, the adoption of cloud environments and a surge of IoT devices, the risk of a data breach has never been higher.

Traditional models of security introduce a level of trust that has historically been exploited for malicious purposes. Zero Trust is a security strategy designed to prevent data breaches by eliminating trust in the digital world while consistently verifying all users, devices and applications. With Zero Trust, security becomes ubiquitous throughout the organization, aligning to the needs of the business, and becomes a true business enabler.

Join John Kindervag, founder of Zero Trust and Palo Alto Networks field CTO, as he details the four levels of strategy behind Zero Trust and how, when implemented in today’s modern environments, Zero Trust can prevent successful data breaches.

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