4 Life Hacks to Love Your Security Job

As a security analyst, you have what sounds like the world’s coolest job: hunt and uncover threats, and neutralize them before they can actually cause your organization harm.

In reality, there’s less and less actual threat hunting and incident investigation, and more and more sifting through seemingly unending alerts, false positives and low-fidelity data. How great would it be to be able to do more serious threat investigation and fewer repetitive, often meaningless tasks?

This webinar will help. Designed with you in mind, it features our own Kasey Cross as well as Kerry Matre, author of Elements of Security Operations. Together, they’ll show you how you can cut down on repetitive tasks to spend more time investigating incidents and hunting for hidden threats.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of SOCs to develop a blueprint for efficient and scalable security operations. We’ll share what we’ve found, including:

  • 4 life hacks that will make your security job easier
  • The secrets to efficient and effective security operations
  • How automation can let you focus on valuable and interesting tasks
  • Steps you can take to prevent burnout by simplifying security operations

Learn how to improve your security outcomes and your job satisfaction!