Webinar: Batten Down the Hatches, Secure K8s

Creating functional deployments with Kubernetes®, Terraform®, CloudFormation, Serverless framework and other infrastructure as code (IaC) languages is challenging enough before you factor in security issues.

Regardless of your IaC choice, adding security may not be in the budget or schedule – which could impact getting your deployment approved.

The good news is that Bridgecrew’s Checkov provides an open source IaC solution that quickly puts you and your team in control of secure code. Learn how Checkov:

  •  Identifies misconfigurations in IaC templates and scans across connected resources.

  • Is fully extensible with custom checks, check skips and integrations with build pipelines.

  • Extends protection to cover cloud security from IaC in build time to resources and workloads in runtime.

  • Integrates natively with VCS and CI/CD providers to provide relevant and actionable feedback for changes as they’re being introduced.

  • Provides automated fixes via pull requests in build time and lambdas in runtime.

  • Includes audit history of configurations over time and downloadable compliance reports.

Join Steve Giguere, developer advocate for Bridgecrew by Palo Alto Networks, as he takes you on a journey across the sloshing seas of IaC security in the demo-fueled presentation, “Batten Down the Hatches: Using Open Source for Smooth (and Secure) Sailing Through K8s.”