Bridging IT and OT Security with Claroty and Palo Alto Networks

Protecting industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks requires full visibility into the operational technology (OT) networks to minimize the risks that threats pose to availability, reliability, and safety. However, full visibility is exceedingly difficult to attain due to the prevalence of proprietary protocols, legacy systems, and unfamiliar OT assets.

Join us for this webinar to learn how with Claroty and Palo Alto Networks you can seamlessly bridge the cybersecurity gap between your IT and OT environments. In this session you'll learn how this integration jointly simplifies and operationalises ICS/OT security with Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) and next generation firewalls that leverage orchestration and automation to stay one step ahead of the growing threats.

In particular, the session will drill down into how you can easily:

  • Gain deep visibility and understanding of the OT protocols across multiple verticals
  • Enforce the OT/IT micro-segmentation and provides a zero trust approach to securing your OT infrastructure
  • Automate, orchestrate and provide remediation based on playbooks to drive operational efficiency for OT security


  • Ghian Oberholzer, VP, Technical Operations APJ, Claroty
  • John Labza, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
  • Edward Sin, Cortex Solution Architect, Palo Alto Networks