Cyber resilience in national critical infrastructure

In our increasingly interconnected world, improving the security and resilience of critical infrastructure entities is essential to protecting Australia’s economy and national security.

In recognition of this, the Federal Government signalled the introduction of a range of reforms to enhance the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure assets and systems of national significance. Broadly speaking, the reforms seek to achieve this by expanding the number of regulated sectors from 4 to 11 critical infrastructure sectors, and increasing the security obligations imposed on these sectors across cybersecurity, personnel security, supply chain security as well as physical security and natural hazards.

Join Sarah Sloan, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy; and Alex Nehmy, Director of Industry 4.0 and former CISO of SA Power Networks, to learn what you need to know about the upcoming Critical Infrastructure Reforms.

This informational webinar will share:

  • Overview of Critical Infrastructure Reforms
  • Deeper Dive on the Reform’s supply chain obligations
  • How Palo Alto Networks can help manage your supply chain risks

We welcome the opportunity to share our understanding of the reforms (including the intent, current and potential future state) and strategies to help you continuously discover, evaluate, and mitigate attack surface risk with a complete asset inventory.