Effectively Monitoring and Managing Internet Operations is Not Optional

The SolarWinds hack, increasing pressure on U.S. networks by foreign incursions and software vulnerabilities underline the importance of effective internet operations management.

Government and military networks need to have full end-to-end discovery and management capabilities. This includes both their on-premises and cloud attack surfaces. In fact, according to the 2021 Cortex Xpanse Attack Surface Threat Report, nearly 80% of exposures are found in the cloud. Detecting unknown assets, unsanctioned connections, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threat activity are imperative to network oversight and control.

Watch this replay and get a leg up on attackers and exploits. Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of having an extensive view of their internet operations.
  • How threats and attacker interactions are evolving and how to counter them.
  • The specific network actions that are the most effective.
  • Where to find vulnerabilities.