Extended Detection and Response: The Swiss Army Knife of SOC

If you had to choose between a standard utility knife and a Swiss Army knife, which one would you pick? Most people would choose the latter because it can do more.  

Likewise, extended detection and response (XDR) offers the same capabilities as endpoint detection and response (EDR), plus so much more. XDR doesn’t stop at the endpoint. It provides a holistic view across networks, cloud workloads, servers, endpoints and more. This visibility drives a long list of benefits, such as reduced alert fatigue, faster response times and significant cost savings – and that’s just the beginning. 

Many federal agencies require FedRAMP authorization before deploying cloud-based solutions, including XDR. Attend this webinar to understand how XDR is revolutionizing SecOps while meeting the stringent security and compliance requirements of government organizations.

Hear from a panel of cybersecurity experts as they discuss:

  • Key challenges and opportunities for security teams.
  • The evolution of EDR to XDR and how it’s changing SOC operations.
  • How XDR can help you achieve Zero Trust by verifying the trust decisions made across your organization.