FCW Roundtable Webcast: The Future of Threat Detection: How to Get Ahead of Supply Chain Attacks

Agencies and corporations alike are facing an increase in supply chain attacks. Recently, these cyberattacks have succeeded in exfiltrating an alarming amount of data with extortion fees well beyond typical ransom prices. For agencies in particular, there are a number of critical cybersecurity priorities outlined by the federal government and recommended by vendors alike.

One key area focuses on improving detection of cybersecurity risks and incidents on government networks. This includes endpoint detection and response (EDR), a key technology that security teams use to track indicators, behaviors and TTPs. The right EDR approach is critical to a cybersecurity strategy as agencies need a resilient approach to threat detection.

In this replay, agency and industry experts will discuss how an extended approach to EDR can serve as the impetus for your teams to get ahead of supply chain attacks. Learn how your organization can easily implement a multipronged approach to threat detection that extends from analyzing low-level techniques and behaviors to other anti-exploitation and protective measures.