I Have Zero Trust Issues

Even though Zero Trust has been around for more than ten years now, it still continues to be misinterpreted, misarchitected or misrepresented - often by vendors to make solutions more attractive and more compelling. The truth is, there aren't any silver bullets when it comes to achieving Zero Trust, however, it is still very achievable - if you know how.

Join our webinar I Have Zero Trust Issues Here's Why where we will dispel the Top 5 misconceptions on Zero Trust within the Cybersecurity industry today.

More specifically we will help you understand:

  • Why Zero Trust is the most effective approach to repurpose your cyber security strategy
  • Where so many practitioners go wrong with Zero Trust and the common pitfalls to avoid
  • The correct way to leverage Identity, ZTNA and Micro Segmentation in a Zero Trust framework
  • How you should really think about protecting your organisation's most critical assets