Managing Network Exposure in AWS

It’s never been easier for developers to deploy infrastructure using cloud service platforms like AWS. But with that ease comes increased risk. Unit 42 Threat Researchers analyzed hundreds of public cloud accounts during the pandemic and found a 68% increase in instances directly exposed to the internet.1

Still, cloud adoption has become the dominant compute model of choice. In The State of Cloud Native Security Report 69% of organizations responded that they host more than half of their workloads in the cloud2.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the latest in cloud adoption trends. Plus, see a demo of how you can protect external-facing workloads and remediate network misconfigurations using the latest enhancements in our cloud security posture management platform. 

Join Prisma Cloud Product Managers Kasi Annamalai and Jason Williams, along with Bradley Barth of CyberRisk Alliance, to find out how your organization can automate cloud security workflows without overexposure.

1. Source: Palo Alto Networks: Unit 42 Threat Research Report 2022
2. Source: Palo Alto Networks: The State of Cloud Native Security Report 2022