Unpack MITRE ATT&CK Results with Forrester

What you need to know about the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation

The MITRE ATT&CK™ framework is quickly becoming the standard by which endpoint detection and response offerings are tested through real-world red team vs. blue team exercises. In this year’s MITRE ATT&CK evaluation of EDR, MITRE provides in-depth details on the efficacy and efficiency of the top 10 EDR offerings available today.

To evaluate leading EDR vendors, MITRE uses APT3’s playbook for testing against advanced real-world techniques, including post-exploit behavior, credential harvesting, anti-EDR capabilities and more. Join guest Forrester principal analyst Josh Zelonis and our own Peter Havens as they unpack the first-round results and provide insight into:

  • How security emulation and testing tools were used to break into systems
  • Specific outcomes of tested attack techniques across products
  • Why Forrester's ranking system is the standard for evaluating EDR
  • How to choose the right EDR based on Forrester's research

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