PANW & ISC2 Webinar: The New Hybrid Workforce

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic necessitated multitudes of employees once confined to their corporate campuses to suddenly be enabled to work remotely. The pandemic also accelerated the move to digital transformation, requiring IT and cybersecurity teams to ensure that infrastructure and resources essential for work remain available and secure. Hybrid workforces are now the new normal, forcing companies to retool their networking and security infrastructures to not only make corporate resources available 24/7 but also deliver an optimal user experience to their remote workforces.

Legacy systems and point-product solutions cobbled together to solve for premises-based requirements do not work for the new hybrid workforce. A new model is required to securely enable today’s increasingly remote workforce, one that delivers consistent security and an optimal experience regardless of where users are located or which applications they access.

Join our experts and get valuable tips on how to enable today’s work-from-anywhere workforce and achieve consistent security with an optimal user experience for all users and locations.