Prisma Access Best Practices Webcast

As businesses around the world transition to working remotely, networking and security professionals face the challenge of securely scaling access for their mobile workforces.

An emerging type of solution that Gartner calls “secure access service edge” (SASE) promises to converge networking and network security capabilities into a single cloud-delivered service.

In this webcast, “Best Practices for When to Deploy Cloud-Delivered Security,” Palo Alto Networks experts discuss how SASE can help enable a secure mobile workforce. You’ll learn about:

  • What SASE is and the benefits of adopting it
  • When you should deploy a cloud-delivered SASE vs. traditional physical or virtual approaches
  • Common SASE myths and misconceptions
  • Best practice security capabilities a SASE delivers

Watch this on-demand webcast to see how you can leverage SASE for your business.