Reducing the Attack Surface in Government Agencies

The increasing pressure by hostile nation-states and other bad actors who are relentlessly probing the networks of federal, state and local governments underlines the importance of effective attack surface management.

Government and military networks need to have comprehensive end-to-end discovery and management capabilities. This includes both their on-premises and cloud attack surfaces. Detecting unknown assets, unsanctioned connections, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threat activity is imperative to network oversight and control.

Research shows that attackers start scanning the internet for vulnerable systems within minutes of a threat. Constant visibility into all internet assets empowers government organizations to discover and remediate vulnerable assets before an attack to ensure that critical systems are never at risk.

Join us for this webcast and get a leg up on attackers and exploits. Topic experts will discuss:

  • The importance of having an extensive view of public-facing attack surfaces.
  • How federal departments and suppliers get real-time visibility into critical assets and exposures so they can take action to reduce risk.
  • How threats and attacker interactions are evolving and how to counter them.
  • The best tools that can help achieve unity of IT and SecOps.