Tech Update: Nebula PANOS 10.2

With Nebula, you can:

  • Find and stop zero-day attacks as they attempt to break in. Nebula brings security analysis from “offline” to “inline” so you can stop evasive attacks by leveraging the power of data and deep learning in real time, all without sacrificing performance.

  • Prevent more threats faster than anything that’s come before. Nebula’s ability to collect, analyze and interpret potential zero-day threats using deep learning in real time is an industry first.

  • Deploy the smartest security for smart devices.
    Our new IoT Security 2.0 offers greater visibility, compliance and Zero Trust enforcement for IoT devices, with 90% of all devices discovered in 48 hours and 20X faster policy decisions.

Join our Tech Update briefing to learn:

  • Palo Alto OS "PANOS 10.2" what's are new in Nebula New OS?

  • New PA-3400/ PA-5400 : 3X Faster Security in smaller package