A virtual tour of the Palo Alto Networks SOC

As workforces become even more dispersed and widespread, cyberattackers are quickly taking advantage of these growing attack surfaces. Unfortunately, attackers are redoubling their efforts to compromise even the most secure organizations.

Watch this virtual session showcasing a day in the life of our SOC team and see how they’re protecting the world’s largest cybersecurity company every day. We’ll share a unique view of how we built and operate the Palo Alto Networks SOC including a deep dive into our security stack and processes.

You’ll learn:

  • How we designed our SOC to be resilient in the face of changing workforce models and new technologies
  • Background on Palo Alto Networks internal scope and what, exactly, we’re protecting
  • How we use prevention-focused technology, automation and machine learning to optimize operations and increase staff productivity.

Watch this recording now!