What’s Next for EDR? It’s Time to Rethink the “E” in EDR

Your security teams need visibility, but it shouldn’t come at a cost. Endpoint detection and response has long been positioned as the last line of defense against attacks, yet detection and response times continue to increase.

Something’s got to change.

We asked more than 200 of your peers a battery of questions about the current state of EDR and its overall effectiveness for the SOC.

Join Paul W. Wilcox, Director of Sales - Asia Pacific at Palo Alto Networks®, for a live webinar on December 11. Topics will include:

  • Challenges facing EDR technology
  • The need for visibility beyond the endpoint
  • What needs to happen to keep EDR effective
  • Q&A

We’re forecasting a shift away from the stand-alone endpoint in endpoint detection and response, and toward technology focused on improving security operations across endpoint, network and cloud. Register for our live webinar to be among the first to learn about this bold, new vision.