Will the Real XDR Please Stand Up?

Customer Webinar

Since Nir Zuk, CTO of Palo Alto Networks, coined the term XDR in 2018, the concept of extended detection and response, or XDR, has taken the security world by storm.

Now, countless security vendors are clamoring to label their products as XDR solutions. This has created confusion about what XDR is and isn’t. Despite the evolving definition of XDR, organizations are rapidly adopting XDR and achieving broader visibility and more efficient security.

You'll discover:

  • Why leading mortgage provider Better.com moved from EDR to XDR
  • The requirements for a true XDR solution
  • How XDR technology can block attacks, detect insider threats and evolve with your company
  • Understand what XDR is and how it can benefit you

To learn more, see what Better.com and Palo Alto Networks have to say in this fast-paced, informative session.