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How Traps Helps Financial Institutions Prevent Sophisticated Threats

As the financial services industry undergoes a digital transformation to streamline operations, become more competitive, and remain relevant with their customers, they face increasing volume of cyber threats. Attackers continue to be tempted by the vast quantities of easily monetizable personally identifiable information (PII).

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Navigating Healthcare’s Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges in 2018

Cyberattacks on healthcare providers are increasing in frequency and intensity. A recent HIMSS Analytics survey, commissioned by Palo Alto Networks, targeting chief information officers (CIOs), information technology (IT) directors and IT managers at U.S. inpatient healthcare providers, found that two thirds of survey respondents reported an increase in the frequency of cyberattacks over the past six months.

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Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System Test Report

NSS Labs performed an independent test of the Palo Alto Networks PA-5250 v8.0.3-h4. The product was subjected to thorough testing at the NSS facility in Austin, Texas, based on the Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Test Methodology v3.1 available at This test was conducted free of charge and NSS did not receive any compensation in return for Palo Alto Networks’ participation.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Palo Alto Networks Traps

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Palo Alto Networks Traps Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection.

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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection AV-Comparatives Award

AV-Comparatives, the independent organization that tests and assesses antivirus (AV) software, announced the completion of its 2017 “Comparison of Next-Generation Security Products” and presented Traps advanced endpoint protection with its “Approved” award. The firm conducted a series of malware protection and exploit prevention tests on Traps during September and October 2017. Download the report to view the results of this test.

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WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis and AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence services are two of the powerful core components fueling Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to deliver better protection. Together, these cloud-delivered security services provide the industry’s most advanced analysis and prevention engine for highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware.

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Enabling Digital Transformation in e-Health Through More Effective Endpoint Security

Establishing effective IT security defenses is a necessity for the entire healthcare industry, from the largest health systems and payers to single-physician practices, research institutions, and medical device developers.

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The Attacker’s Mindset Insights into real-world attack campaigns

This paper examines the attacker’s mindset, first providing insights into the motivations and high-level methods shaping today’s threat landscape and accelerating the need for endpoint security technologies capable of preventing – not just detecting – both known and unknown threats.

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Simplify PCI Compliance With Network Segmentation for airlines

PCI compliancy is mandatory for the airlines, the scope extends to all system components that are included in or connected to the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).

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Automate the Deployment of Secure Developer VPCs

This eBook explores the unique partnership between Palo Alto Networks and REAN Cloud, and how the two companies work together to help you adopt a DevSecOps mindset and eliminate the friction between your development and security teams

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How to Secure Your Network from Ransomware

Find out what network admins need to know to improve perimeter defense

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Azure Reference Architecture

This document provides architectural guidance for solution architects and engineers who are familiar with the next-generation firewall but not Azure.

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AWS Reference Architecture

This guide provides a foundation for securing network infrastructure using Palo Alto Networks® VMSeries virtualized next generation firewalls within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

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Mac Endpoints Move Into the Enterprise and into the Crosshairs of Hackers

When built on a next-generation security platform, this approach can provide full context and intelligence, enabling the security team to address the unique requirements of the Mac while providing protection for all endpoints.

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Electric Transmission Data Networks Use Case White Paper

This use case provides a high-level reference design for network security in electric transmission data networks.

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Rethink Network Availability

Mobile network operators are now facing new malware-based incidents that threaten network availability as well as subscriber confidentiality.

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6 Key Security Requirements for Next–Generation Mobile Networks

A new security approach is needed focusing on prevention, application-layer visibility, cost efficiency and automation.

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Rethink Mobile Security Monetization

This paper for mobile network operators provides a framework for value and revenue opportunities across the entire subscriber base.

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Protect Yourself From Antivirus

Traditional antivirus is not the solution to preventing endpoint breaches—it’s the problem. If you’re still using antivirus you are leaving your organization vulnerable to malicious attack.

Santa Clara, CA
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EU Data Protection Compliance When Securing SaaS Applications

The purpose of this white paper is to clarify how Networks Aperture™ SaaS security service can be used in compliance with EU data protection requirements, including the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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5 Critical Mistakes When Evaluating A Next-Gen Firewall

The firewall is the foundation of enterprise data security. All firewalls are not created equal, though and no two organizations have the same needs, risks and data flow. You need a firewall to protect against today’s advanced attacks while preserving the performance and uptime critical to foster innovation and growth. If you’re in the market for a new firewall, we’ll assume you understand the many benefits of next-generation firewall technology, and that a next-generation firewall is the way to go. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right next-generation firewall to meet your organization’s specific networking, performance and security needs for the present and the future?

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Use Case: Apply Network Segmentation to a Traditional Data Center

Read how one of the largest financial institutions in the world created network segmentation with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform

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Secure and Protect Medical Devices in Healthcare

Read this whitepaper to understand how Palo Alto Networks security platform provides best-in-class security for medical devices in a healthcare environment.

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Government: Securing Your Public Cloud Deployment

This paper explains how Palo Alto Networks VM-Series can provide threat prevention across your AWS GovCloud or C2S environments.

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Securing the Mobile Workforce

In recent years, cybersecurity has emerged as one of the top concerns for the leader- ship of business and government organi- zations around the world. The troubling number of high-profile attacks targeting some of the largest companies in the world has led many to question whether adequate measures are in place on their own networks. Sophisticated attackers are employing new techniques to penetrate a network, and using methodologies to avoid detection by masking their activities in legitimate application traffic.

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Securing the Unpatchable in Financial Services

This case study discusses the security, risk and compliance ramifications of operating unpatchable systems, such as Windows® XP and Windows Server 2003. In financial services, these unsupported operating systems may still be found in ATMs and aging systems that support check scanners, printers for passbooks (bankbooks), ATM cards, on-demand checkbooks and other legacy banking applications.

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Financial Services Use Case: Protect IaaS Hybrid Cloud

Download our use case to learn how Palo Alto Networks can help your organization protect IaaS hybrid clouds in financial services.

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Government Use Case: Decrypt SSL and SSH Traffic to Disrupt Attacker Communications and Theft

SSL-encrypted traffic is growing in government networks, resulting in multiple blind spots for security monitoring tools and creating an opportunity for attackers to hide malware. Many governments are considering or mandating the decryption of encrypted communications moving in and out of their networks. While traditional approaches favor dedicated SSL decryption appliances, these add latency, costs and increase time to resolution for security incidents. Download our use case “Decrypt SSL and SSH Traffic to Disrupt Attacker Communications and Theft” to learn how Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform delivers an integrated approach to SSL decryption that streamlines security operations, improves network performance, and enables agencies to identify and prevent encrypted threats swiftly.

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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader - It Just Feels Right

Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls has been released. Palo Alto Networks is proud to be positioned in the leader quadrant for the sixth straight year.

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Security Reference Blueprint for Retail

This white paper outlines key security principles for modern retail networks and a framework that reduces operational demands on IT and security teams while improving security and control.

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