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Platform Brief for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are employing the industrial internet of things and other innovative technologies to produce quality goods efficiently. Read this platform brief for a summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps manufacturers compete in the global marketplace while streamlining security operations, protecting valuable data, and preventing new and known threats from impacting operations or uptime of corporate and ICS/SCADA networks.
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Maximize the ROI of Detection and Response

Download this white paper to learn how to maximize the ROI and cut the cost of detection and response.
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Traps Technical Overview

Most organizations deploy a number of security products to protect their endpoints, including one or more traditional antivirus solutions. Nevertheless, cyber breaches continue to increase in frequency, variety and sophistication. Faced with the rapidly changing threat landscape, current endpoint security solutions and antivirus can no longer prevent security breaches on the endpoint. Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection replaces traditional antivirus with a unique combination of the most effective, purpose-built, malware and exploit prevention methods that pre-emptively block known and unknown threats from compromising a system.
Santa Clara, CA
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Secure Transformation: Replacing Remote Access VPN with Prisma Access

This solution brief provides an overview for using GlobalProtect Cloud Service as remote access VPN.
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Securing SD-WAN with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform

Protect your SD-WAN deployment using Prisma Access
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How to Pick a Winner in EDR

The endpoint security marketplace is crowded with vendors claiming to have supe-rior capabilities. Cutting through all the marketing and sales pitches to understand how these products perform isn’t easy. Luckily, The MITRE Corporation conducted an independent test of the detection and investigation capabilities of leading end-point detection and response (EDR) products against real-world attack sequences. We’ll break down MITRE’s methodology, the results, and what it all means for your organization as you assess your current and future endpoint security toolkit.
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Electric Transmission Data Networks Use Case White Paper

Read this use case white paper based on real world designs to learn: How to better secure your Electric Transmission Data Networks from advanced cyberthreats How to more efficiently and comprehensively address your NERC CIP compliance obligations
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Securing the Unpatchable in Financial Institutions

There are no flawless software systems or applications. When flaws result in security vulnerabilities, threat actors exploit them to compromise those systems and applications and, by extension, the endpoints on which they reside. Although software vendors issue patches to remediate flaws, many financial institutions do not apply all available patches to their production environments. In addition, when systems or applications reach their end-of-support, they no longer receive vulnerability patches from their vendors. These two scenarios describe the conditions under which a system or application is considered "unpatchable." When patching or upgrading is no longer feasible, security professionals need to identify alternative ways to secure the unpatchable systems and applications to support their ongoing use in the environment.
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Government Use Case: Network Security Consolidation

As Governments adopt digital technologies – employee remote access, citizen self-service, SaaS, cloud, and more – these same technologies introduce new points where the network can be infiltrated, and new valuable data that must be secured. The result was a cyber security arms race where new threats were countered with new security point products. Today, governments are consolidating security appliances and functions to gain better visibility and use scarce cybersecurity professionals wisely. Read this use case to discover • The advantages of a platform approach to network security consolidation. • Best practices for deployment. • How a government agency eliminated 10 security appliances at every location, simplifying compliance, management and reporting while improving security.
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Palo Alto Networks’ Security Operating Platform Integration with SilentDefense

True resilience for critical infrastructure and data centers against cyber and operational issues.
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10 Ways Prisma Cloud Complements Cloud-Native Security

Learn how Prisma Cloud complements your cloud-native security.
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Prisma Cloud Threat Protection

The dynamic nature of public cloud environments requires security operations teams to adapt and embrace a new approach to securing the cloud. Threat assessment and mitigation are significantly impacted due to ephemeral cloud environments, decentralized management models, and distributed data across multi-cloud deployments. Threat prevention for the cloud needs to be built around the principles of attack surface reduction through segmentation and prevention controls, advanced threat detection measures built around user, network and host activity monitoring and behavioral baselines, and rapid response through automated remediation.
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Secure the Cloud: Cloud-Enabled Mobile Workforce

With cloud applications, your organization needs more than remote access VPN. Find out how to secure the cloud-enabled mobile workforce with Prisma Access.
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Secure the Cloud: Zero Trust Cloud Security

Protect your cloud applications based on the principles of Zero Trust. Use Prisma Access and protect the data in your cloud applications.
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Secure the Cloud: Cloud-Connected Branch

Your organization’s networking strategy is changing to support cloud applications. Find out how to protect branch and retail locations with Prisma Access.
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Protecting Developer Environments with the VM-Series for AWS

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can secure dev environments on AWS.
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Prisma: Secure DevOps

DevOps driven software development approaches are pervasive among organizations embracing cloud. Unlike traditional software development approaches, DevOps helps organizations shorten the time to build and ship cloud applications. Introducing security early into the software development lifecycle along with continuous monitoring in production environments improves the overall security posture of cloud applications reduces business risk.
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Prisma: Cloud Data Protection

Prisma enables automated discovery, classification, monitoring, and protection of data across cloud storage and SaaS applications, with automated remediations before leaks can occur.
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Prisma: Cloud Governance & Compliance

Prisma continuously monitors your distributed multi-cloud environments and SaaS applications, proactively alerting you of any misconfigurations or compliance violations and even automates remediation so you can embrace the cloud with confidence.
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Safely Enable Your SaaS Applications

The appeal of SaaS applications, such as Office 365®, G Suite, Box and Salesforce® is growing, but so are the hidden threats in SaaS offerings: costly data leaks, regulatory noncompliance, malware propagation and so on. This paper covers how Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform offers inline and API-based cloud access security broker or CASB capabilities that work together to minimize the wide range of cloud risks.
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Simplify Zero Trust Implementation Using A Five-Step Methodology

Building Zero Trust networks is actually simpler than building legacy networks. This 5-step methodology makes deploying Zero Trust networks manageable, cost effective and non-disruptive.
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13 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

This paper outlines the 10 key things your next firewall must do to secure your network and your business.
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5 Critical Mistakes When Evaluating A Next-Generation Firewall

NGFW Mistakes, Buying Myths, NGFW Evaluation, How to choose NGFW, 5 Mistakes to Avoid
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Cortex XDR

Security teams face a dizzying array of threats, from ransomware and cyberespionage to fileless attacks and damaging data breaches. However, the biggest headache for many security analysts is not the endless number of risks that dominate news headlines but the frustrating, repetitive tasks they must perform every day as they triage incidents and attempt to whittle down an endless backlog of alerts.
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Implementing 5G Security: Priorities and Preferences

Read this white paper to get key findings from the 2019 Heavy Reading service provider survey on implementing 5G security.
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Gartner Report: Innovation and Insight for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

The rapid adoption of cloud services, along with an increasing number of cloud infrastructure and platform services, has created an explosion in complexity and unmanaged risk. While IaaS providers deliver basic configuration and risk assessment capabilities, they only address their own services, which doesn’t account for the hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities that most enterprises require. And although the underlying cloud provider infrastructure is secure, most enterprises don’t have the processes, tooling maturity or scale to use the cloud securely.
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Reducing the Business Risks of Cyberthreats

Your organization’s approach to cybersecurity can either securely enable your business to innovate and make use of transformational technologies, like the cloud, or it can introduce unnecessary risk and complexity. In this era of advanced threats and mega-breaches, organizations face an increasingly sophisticated adversary, aided by automation and the power of the cloud. Those companies still relying on largely manual methods to deal with such threats are now seeking ways to adjust to the changing landscape.
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Security Operating Platform Executive Summary

Provides a quick executive overview of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, for securing the enterprise, securing the cloud and securing the future.
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Critical Start Cortex managed services

Using a battle-tested assessment and implementation process, CRITICALSTART can assist you with deployments of all sizes. CRITICALSTART’s Zero-Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) model investigates all security alerts until they are classified as good or normal and are safely filtered out. Using this approach, customers experience a 99 per-cent reduction in alerts. Zero Trust is the only option when it comes to zero tolerance
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Stop Targeted Attacks Without Decrypting Traffic

Stop Targeted Attacks Without Decrypting Traffic
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