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White Paper

A SANS 2021 DFIR Cloud Report

More than 90% of businesses are currently using cloud capabilities1, according to the SANS 2021 DFIR Cloud Report.

While the cloud provides a resilient, responsive approach to traditional computing environments, the sheer abundance of data provides an attractive target for attackers. Understanding the cloud environment and its associated risks is critical to protecting your organization and data from threat actors.

This white paper by SANS explores the role of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) and what you need to know about cloud-based security now and into the future. It also provides a deep dive on cloud computing, including:

  • An overview of major cloud providers, models and deployments.
  • Trends in cloud computing and how they impact business operations.
  • The ways threat actors disrupt, destroy or exploit cloud-based data.
  • The challenges and processes surrounding collecting, preserving and analyzing cloud data.
  • Best practices to move forward with confidence amidst growing cyber threat concerns.


Download the white paper now to understand how DFIR can support your cloud security and instill confidence in your understanding and ability to meet cloud-based threats head-on.

1. Domenica Crognale, Heather Mahalik, DFIR Cloud Report: Partly Cloudly with a Bunch of DFIR, SANS, October 12, 2021.