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White Paper

Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) Yields Benefits Across the Organization

Network visibility is a major hurdle for IT teams supporting today's hybrid workplaces. With employees working outside of the corporate network, digital transformation, and applications moving to the cloud, IT teams have lost the ability to visualize and manage end-user experience with their current network management tools.

Autonomous digital experience management (ADEM) gives IT teams more network visibility, whether or not they own the network infrastructure. 

Read this report from ESG Global, “Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) Yields Benefits Across the Organization,”  for more information on:

  • the trends shaping corporate networks today
  • how ADEM technologies can help maintain a positive user experience
  • stories from IT teams who use the ADEM capabilities in Prisma SASE

Access this white paper now to see how ADEM can help your IT team ensure every employee, regardless of their location, will have a positive corporate network experience.