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ESG White Paper - Enhancing SaaS Security: Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation CASB with SaaS Security Posture Management

The usage of SaaS applications continues to expand at a faster rate than security teams can keep pace with. As more and more applications are introduced and ownership becomes distributed across the organization, the likelihood of misconfigurations, and risk of potential incidents due to those misconfigurations, grows. While purpose-built SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) tools have been introduced to address these issues, they often focus too heavily on compliance and contribute to point tool fatigue. Given where they sit in relation to SaaS applications, CASB is a logical home for these capabilities. Modern CASB should support security-, rather than compliance-led SSPM, strong data security, and comprehensive threat prevention. Palo Alto Network’s Next-Generation CASB supports these requirements through comprehensive application coverage, a security-focused SSPM model, and a prevention-first emphasis.