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Exploring Next Generation CASB Concepts for Evolving Cloud Security Practices

The cloud has proven to be an invaluable technology in the digital transformation era, offering agility, scalability, and business value. SaaS in particular offers turnkey operations and innovative functionality that has driven business value and unlocked new use cases. Overall, the move to the cloud is changing how people approach work. IDC research shows that 41% of IT organizations are now reliant on cloud-managed, cloud-based services. However, the cloud also presents a multitude of unique security considerations. Over the years, cloud providers and customers have answered tough questions, such as “who is responsible for certain security practices” and “what deployment models support which use cases.” However the nature of cloud adoption continues to evolve, thus changing business practices. Security practices and architecture must evolve to adapt as well, to stay ahead of threat actors. This paper explores the next-generation of CASB concepts as they apply to evolving cloud security practices.