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Government Use Case: Protect Endpoints

Government computers and servers are a critical path to sensitive data and are central to operations. Malicious access and unauthorized changes to these systems can have a significant impact on an agency’s operations and, potentially, that of the country.

Read this use case for a real-world example of how a civilian government agency chose Palo Alto Networks Traps advanced endpoint protection to secure up to 10,000 workstations and servers and prevent ransomware attacks. In their evaluations, Traps performed better than both their existing antivirus and endpoint security products combined.

Business Benefits

  • Prevent theft of research data and personally identifiable information.
  • Meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Operational Benefits

  • Improve efficiency with automated malware and exploit prevention across multiple operating systems.
  • Compensate for slow patch cycles and extend lifecycles of legacy endpoints.
  • Improve user experiences with a transparent, lightweight agent.

Security Benefits

  • Minimize zero-day endpoint infections by pre-emptively blocking known, unknown and targeted attacks at all endpoints, online and offline, on network and off.
  • Block malware, ransomware, exploit techniques and fileless attacks with a single product.
  • Coordinate enforcement across network, endpoint and cloud.
  • Automatically contain threats, such as malicious insider activity.

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