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Guide to Safely Enable Healthcare Systems

Rapid advances in electronic health technologies have equipped healthcare organizations with a new suite of tools aimed at improving clinical outcomes. These great advancements, however, have also broadened attack surface for cyber threats and continues to add complexity in efforts to protect an already-challenging healthcare environment. Security products are also evolving to equip healthcare organizations with better tools to deal with widening attack vectors but protecting a hospital network with security tools that lack context to medical systems and health data may not provide adequate protection to keep up with today’s demands. Whether it be an EMR system, a clinical application, a connected medical device, or protected health data, it’s crucial to have a security product that can apply optimum protection that’s just right for each medical system. 

Palo Alto Networks offers a solution to thes problems with a suite of integrated security products that will identify and classify medical systems and devices and apply comprehensive protection and desired security policies that will help you enable safe usage of these innovative medical technologies.