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White Paper

HardenStance: Defending telecoms against nation state cyber threats

By Patrick Donegan, Principal Analyst, HardenStance

This white paper examines the escalation of cyberattacks against telecom operators by nation-states and private actors. It reviews the more advanced and complex threat vectors in use against national infrastructure, including telecom networks, providing guidance on how best to defend against them.

Written by Harden Stance and sponsored by Palo Alto Networks, this white paper makes several important observations about the evolving nature of these threats to telecom infrastructure, including:

  • Nation states are increasingly willing to take higher risk in offensive cyber operations to undermine an adversary’s national security.
  • Nation state proxies and organized cybercrime gangs can pose as much of a national security risk as direct threats with boundaries between these different threat groups breaking down, risking greater escalation.
  • Nation states are using increasingly complex and advanced threat vectors.
  • Governments will get increasingly prescriptive about defending telecom networks. Weaknesses in a telco’s enterprise IT security present as much of a risk as weaknesses in the security of its telecom network.

Download the white paper now to understand the full dimensions of the threats posed and the best practices for preventing exploits.


* The views expressed in this white paper are those of the author and do not represent an official Palo Alto Networks position.