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Security Reference Blueprint for Industrial Control Systems White Paper

It is no secret that cybercriminals are aware of just how vulnerable industrial control systems are to attack and the damage they can cause by compromising them. The Security Reference Blueprint for Industrial Control and SCADA Systems provides an IT-OT security framework in which owners and operators can protect these critical systems from compromise, rationalize the scope of compliance and more, using the core capabilities of Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform.

Learn how Palo Alto Networks helps operators of ICS and SCADA systems around the world protect their brands and process control environment operations by enabling them to:

  • Reduce risk and simplify internal compliance, GDPR compliance and other regulatory compliance with the Zero Trust security model.
  • Prevent data breaches in IT and OT systems by blocking credential theft and the latest cyberthreats, including exploits, malware and ransomware attacks, before they penetrate process control networks or compromise endpoints.
  • Simplify IT security management with a single pane of glass for network, endpoint and cloud environments.
  • Grant the right people appropriate access to the right resources, providing another level of security beyond usernames and passwords.
  • Secure mobile devices inside or outside of the controls network.
  • Support modern plant communication and connectivity updates with secure remote site Wi-Fi, advanced endpoint protection, VPN service for securing remote access, network segmentation and more.

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