More than ever, today’s companies must be able to take advantage of critical business applications to drive growth. However, the threat landscape is constantly changing and sophisticated new cyberattacks have evolved and are launched with increasing frequency across network, cloud and SaaS environments. 

Palo Alto Networks differs from traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) by bringing together vulnerability protection, network anti-malware and anti-spyware into one service that scans all traffic for threats – all ports, protocols and encrypted traffic. Our Threat Prevention service looks for threats at all points within the cyber attack lifecycle, not just when it first enters the network – providing a layered defense, zero trust model with prevention at all points. And it does all of this with no performance degradation because it uses the single-pass architecture of our Next-Generation Firewall. 

Our Threat Prevention service is a key component of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform and built from the ground up around a prevention-first approach, with threat information shared across security functions, and designed to operate across modern organizations, with consistent management across your network, data center, and cloud environments. In this paper we’ll cover how Threat Prevention works as part of our platform to safely enable all applications while automatically blocking cyber threats at every stage of the attack lifecycle.


Threat Prevention Datasheet

Today’s attackers are well-funded and well-equipped. They use evasive tactics to succeed in gaining a foothold in the network, launching both high-volume and sophisticated attacks while remaining invisible to an organization’s traditional defenses – from packet obfuscation, polymorphic malware and encryption to multi-phased payloads and fast-flux DNS.
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Autofocus Quick Demo

A quick demo about Autofocus
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Royal Air Forces Association

The RAF Association deployed the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, with the Next-Generation Firewall deployed in its data center and Azure public cloud.
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Threat Prevention At-A-Glance

Organizations are still being breached at alarming rates. Attackers continue to evolve their tactics, and security products must keep pace to effectively protect the enterprise.
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Seymour Public Schools

Seymour Public Schools was looking to replace their legacy Cisco firewalls, they checked the vulnerability of their existing system using a Security Lifecycle Review. The SLR report showed that more than 43,000 vulnerabilities were slipping past the legacy firewall. Because of this discovery they purchased the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.
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Securing Developer Environments on AWS

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can secure dev environments on AWS.
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